The Benefits of Using a Tree Service

PRV Tree Service is vital to the health of your trees. They will help your trees grow healthier and increase your property value. They can also help prevent problems from occurring.Tree Service

When hiring a tree service, look for one with accreditation from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). This means that they have been inspected and accredited based on their adherence to the industry’s best practices.

Trees add beauty and value to a home or business. They also help prevent soil erosion and provide shade. However, trees require regular care to keep them healthy and attractive. Tree service companies can provide many services, including pruning, trimming, planting, mulching, and stump grinding. In addition, they can remove damaged or obstructive trees. They can even treat insect- or disease-ridden trees. A company’s expertise and experience can also help with other landscape projects, such as lawn mowing and snow removal.

Properly maintained trees are healthier, safer, and more attractive. The best way to ensure that a tree is healthy and in good shape is through preventive care, which includes regular pruning, fertilization, and watering. In addition, proper pruning will reduce the risk of storm damage and insect infestations. It will also improve the structural integrity of a tree and encourage its growth.

A tree’s health depends on its structure, growth habit, and soil conditions. The company’s staff can evaluate a tree and recommend specific treatment strategies to maintain or restore its appearance and function. These strategies include crown thinning, which removes specific inner branches to increase light penetration and air flow. Crown raising and crown cleaning are other common preventive services.

The company has a team of certified arborists who have years of experience and are experts in their field. They are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service at affordable prices. Their services include tree trimming, pruning, cutting, and stump grinding. They can also remove invasive species and install new shrubs or grasses. In addition, they can provide tree care education for schools and businesses.


Licensed tree service professionals can inspect and prune your trees to remove dead branches, ingrown branches, branch stubs, or insect infestations. They can also perform stump grinding and soil mulching to prevent weeds and improve the health of your yard. They may also offer other services, including storm damage cleanup, landscaping and garden maintenance, invasive species removal, and landscape design.

Some companies offer scheduled and emergency tree work, as well as lawn care services and seasoned firewood logs. They can prune, trim, and cut trees to your specifications and plant new ones. They can even install lightning protection systems and provide landscape design. They can work on commercial, residential, and municipal properties.

Kev’s Landscaping & Tree Service offers tree trimming, pruning, planting, and stump grinding for homes and businesses. This licensed, full-service company serves the Greater New York City area. Its team of arborists uses industry-standard equipment to perform these services. The company’s owner offers in-person estimates, supervises every job, and can obtain city permits on behalf of customers. Its services also include lawn care, tree-planting consultations, stump grinding, and debris removal.

When selecting a tree service, ask about their policies and licensing. A reputable company should be insured, which will protect both the workers and the customer. A good company will also have a certified arborist on staff to conduct inspections and ensure safety measures are taken.

Another consideration is the type of tree being removed. For example, a pine tree with a large trunk requires more time and labor to remove than a spruce or oak. It is also important to choose a company that has the right equipment for the job and will take the time to prepare the site before starting.

Homeowners should always obtain multiple quotes from tree service companies to compare aspects like included services, service fees, and timelines. It is also important to find out if the company follows industry standards and avoids practices such as “tree topping” and “lion’s tailing.” These techniques do not follow industry guidelines and can cause serious injury to the tree.


In addition to removing dead branches, tree service companies also prune trees to promote growth and reduce risks to property. These services are usually performed by arborists, who are trained in the proper techniques to prune a tree without harming it. Tree pruning is a key part of preventive maintenance and can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. In addition, the right tree trimming can improve your landscape’s appearance and add value to your home.

A good tree service company will offer a variety of services, including pruning and trimming, planting new trees, land clearing, and stump grinding. They will also provide a range of mulching options to help retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing around your trees. They can also help with the prevention of insect infestations by spraying them with fungicide.

Besides these services, tree services can provide emergency tree care during storms. If a large branch falls on your house or power lines during a storm, these companies can respond quickly to remove the branch and restore power. They will also be able to help you with the cleanup process after a storm.

A professional tree service company will have a wide range of tools and equipment to handle various tasks, from trimming small shrubs to felling large trees. They will also be able to provide services like bracing and cabling, which will strengthen weak or unstable branches. They can even perform aerial work such as mulching or fertilization.

Many tree service companies specialize in residential and commercial properties. They can help with yard care and landscape design, as well as diagnose and treat diseased or infected trees. They also offer landscaping and cleaning services. Some companies have an on-site nursery and can advise you on the best types of trees for your area.

When choosing a tree service, look for one that follows ANSI pruning standards and has liability insurance. Unlike general contractors, tree service companies have the expertise to operate dangerous equipment and know how to use it safely. They can also recommend tree health treatments and pest control measures.

Treatment of infected trees

Trees are extremely important to a property’s value and beauty. Unfortunately, they are not invincible and can be damaged by disease or insect infestation. When this occurs, the trees may become unhealthy or even die. These conditions are dangerous to the surrounding property and can create a hazard for people or animals. The best way to remedy this situation is to have the infected or dying trees removed as soon as possible.

Tree service professionals have the equipment and experience to quickly remove a large tree from your property without damaging the surrounding structures. Our experts can also trim or prune infected or dead limbs to prevent further damage to the structure of your trees and help them recover.

Many homeowners think the only option is to remove a sick or infected tree, but this is not always necessary. Our professional arborists can perform a detailed inspection of your property and develop a strategy to restore the health of your trees. This can include the use of fungicides, herbicides, or other treatments that are designed to fight disease and prevent future infections.

Anthracnose, Dutch elm disease, and canker diseases are common tree diseases that can weaken and kill the entire tree if left untreated. Symptoms of these diseases usually begin in the outer leaves of the tree and then progress to the trunk. A tree that is infected with these diseases can be weakened or completely killed within a single growing season. Symptoms include yellowing or wilting leaves, leaf drop, brown streaking in the sapwood, and the development of cankers on the trunk of the tree.

Fungus and bacterial infections can also cause significant damage to trees. These diseases can spread through open wounds and cuts in the bark and affect the overall health of your tree. If a tree has a canker infection, it is important to call an experienced arborist as soon as possible.

Fungus and bacterial infections can be prevented by regularly performing routine pruning, trimming, and maintenance services. These services will reduce the chances of infection and promote a healthy, strong tree that can withstand harsh weather.